Community Partners

2008 Capital Pride

Published on June 5, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

History. Vision. Legacy.
A sense of our past.
A plan for our future.
A respect for our heritage.
History. Vision. Legacy.

Those are the ideals of this year's Capital Pride theme, and those are the ideals that drive the Community Partners -- the organizations and activists that make possible this annual celebration of the LGBT community.

For this 33rd annual celebration of pride, 19 Community Partners have come together to share in the planning and implementation of Capital Pride.

Each organization that devoted its time and resources has be invaluable to making the 2008 Capital Pride a reality, as well as the individuals who make each of those organizations a vibrant and vital part of our community.

On the following pages, meet each of the Community Partners that have committed to making Capital Pride a success.

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