Pet Shop Boys launch new single, "Vocal"

Posted by Chris Gerard
June 5, 2013 9:30 AM |

Pet Shop Boys VOCAL.jpg

Only a few weeks after releasing the high-energy mostly-instrumental “Axis”, the first single from the Pet Shop Boys’ eagerly awaited new album “Electric”, the legendary duo has unleashed another track this week, and it’s another killer.  “Vocal” is the second single to be issued, and offers another tantalizing glimpse at the Stuart Price-produced album due to be released in mid-July.   Following the often beautiful but generally downtempo “Elysium” album last year, “Electric” promises to be loaded with anthemic dance tunes.   The duo of “Axis” and “Vocal” are not obviously commercial tracks, and they are both longer than the typical single – suggesting that the Pet Shop Boys aren’t aiming for the pop charts with “Electric”, but instead are going for an all-out assault on the dance floor.  Based on the evidence so far, they are going to succeed in epic fashion.   In “Vocal”, Neil Tennant repeats “it’s in the music…  it’s in the music…  This is my kinda music” over thumping beats and frenetic pulses of Chris Lowe’s synths.    As with “Axis”, DJs all over the world have got to be salivating over the remix possibilities of “Vocal”.    Both singles are available on iTunes, and “Electric” is due to be released on July 16. 

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