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The Fixx has always been a bit outside the lines. They never fit neatly into any particular genre, falling somewhere between new wave, post-punk and mainstream rock. Formed in London in 1979 as The Portraits, The Fixx boasts a long string of outstanding albums containing edgy and tense synthesizer-heavy guitar rock that is eccentric, smart and powerful. Cy Curnin never ... [Read]

Later this week leather afficianados from all over the world will descend upon Washington, DC for the annual Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. Old friendships will be renewed, new ones will be made, and guys and gals will show off their leather and other gear, buy new stuff, party, go to the multiple events at the host hotel and all over the ... [Read]

10. "Running With the Night" - Lionel Richie At #10 thirty years ago this week, on the Billboard Hot 100 issued on January 14, 1984, was the second single from Lionel Richie's biggest album "Can't Slow Down," "Running With The Night." It was the follow-up to the #1 smash "All Night Long." In fact, "All Night Long" was #11 this ... [Read]

Van Halen - "1984" With the lead-off smash "Jump" and its instantly recognizable synthesizer riff (that so outraged many of their older fans) soaring to #1, "1984" became the biggest hit of Van Halen's career, and was the last album with David Lee Roth as lead singer until he returned for the reunion album "A Different Kind of Truth" in ... [Read]

On January 8, 2014 rock legend David Bowie turns 67.  A year ago on this date he shocked his fans and the music industry by dropping a new single and video, “Where Are We Now?”, and announcing the forthcoming release of his first studio album in a decade, “The Next Day.”  Now that we’ve had nearly a year to digest ... [Read]

A Wintry Mix

Posted by Chris Gerard
January 2, 2014 7:27 PM |
As the temperatures plummet, snow falls around the Washington D.C. area and we ease into the heart of winter, it's time to think about some of those songs that bring the season to life. Winter brings a wide range of feelings, emotions and memories that range from buoyant to mournful. People react to it in different ways, and that is ... [Read]

As we've seen over the years, chart position isn't everything. There are songs that scale the upper reaches of the pop charts that don't make a lasting cultural impact, and there are tracks that don't do well on the charts upon release or miss the charts entirely but gain in stature as the years go by. These ten tracks are ... [Read]