Jiffy Lube Live's Special KISS Deal Day

Posted by Randy Shulman
August 10, 2010 9:43 AM |

Who doesn't crave a little KISS? The band, not the thing you do with tongues. Well... actually, KISS the band does things with tongues, if you're referring to leader Gene Simmons. KISS really does put on a show unlike any other group. They pioneered the artform (right behind Alice Cooper) and they're coming to Jiffy Lube Live on Saturday, August 21 to wreak hell and havoc with your senses and eardrums. If you don't have tickets yet, but were thinking of possibly going, has Live Nation got a deal for you. Today only, Tuesday, August 10, you can buy a Lawn 4-Pack for $40. That's right, 4 lawn tickets for $40. Do we need to repeat that one more time? (Thought not.) Lawn tix typically go for $26.50, so you do the math. Offer is valid while supplies last. Reserved seat prices range from $46.50 to $131. Visit livenation.com or call 1-877-598-8696. Now go don your Kabuki makeup (we'd be the drummer cat) and go get yourself good and KISSed.

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