Patrik, Age 1.5 at The Landmark E Street Cinemas

Posted by Randy Shulman
August 20, 2010 8:51 AM |
Patrik age 15.jpg

A Metro Weekly Critic’s Pick when it screened at last year’s Reel Affirmations, this Swedish film focuses on a gay couple settling down in the suburbs, ready to make a family. When baby Patrik (Thomas Ljungman) turns out to be 15 instead of 1.5 years old, what was supposed to be two men and a baby turns into two queens and a homophobic juvenile delinquent. Sven (Torkel Petersson) hits the roof, and the bottle, and Göran (Gustaf Skarsgård) hits rock bottom, allowing Patrik to quickly pull at the threads binding the two together. Writer and director Ella Lemhagen is very measured with her pacing and deliberate with the film’s progression. The film takes its time in raising the stakes and developing the couple's relationship with Patrik, made more difficult as Sven and Göran have other homophobic sources to deal with. The picture-perfect neighborhood is slowly explored to reveal a secret behind every front door, proving that anyone can be a drama queen. Opens Friday, Aug. 20. Landmark’s E Street Cinema, 555 11th St. NW. Call 202-452-7672 or visit

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