Fool for Love at Church Street

Posted by Randy Shulman
October 31, 2010 9:18 AM |

Sam Shepard's claustrophobic, cowboy-tinged, Pultizer Prize-winning Fool for Love is unquestionably urged forward by anger, though in this Keegan Theatre production director Colin Smith plays too little with the silences available. When he does -- employing them beautifully at such key moments as the show's opening scenes and at the moment of Fool's greatest reveal -- we experience a gorgeous depth that allows the craft of the actors (Mark Rhea and Larissa Gallagher most notably) to shine cleanly through. We feel the tension build as in those brief seconds before a roller coaster breaks over the first drop. It's in those wonderful moments that we get to enjoy the entire ride, and not just all the screaming. To Nov. 7. Church Street Theater, 1742 Church St. NW. Tickets are $35. Call 703-892-0202 or visit Read Tom Avila's full review here.

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