Posted by Randy Shulman
November 6, 2010 10:13 AM |

The performance troupe UNIVERSES is raising its brilliantly woven voices on social issues, from basic civil rights to access to healthcare to earning a living wage, in the heart-pounding rush that is Ameriville, currently at Bethesda's Round House Theatre. An inspiring and potent mix of gospel, spoken word, beatbox, call-and-response, monologue, video and brilliantly crafted choreography, Ameriville starts in post-Katrina New Orleans and quickly spirals out across the country. With Ameriville, UNIVERSES shows that problems we face are problems we all face; connected through a network of roots that neither started nor stopped with Katrina. The floodwaters simply laid them all bare. Closes this Sunday, Nov. 7. Round House Theatre, 4545 East-West Highway, Bethesda. Tickets are $50 to $60. Call 240-644-1100 or visit

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