We Were Here at the West End

Posted by Doug Rule
October 31, 2011 8:44 AM |
We Were Here

David Weissman and Bill Weber's powerful, captivating and carefully crafted We Were Here -- having just screened at Reel Affirmations -- is so much more than simply the first documentary to reflect on the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco. It's also one of the first documentaries about AIDS to focus more narrowly on the community itself, at ground level -- not taking a top-down approach, quoting experts or celebrities. It offers personal accounts of how the disease dramatically changed the lives of regular citizens. The end result is that We Were Here helps widen our understanding of the epidemic's full impact. The story of the fight against AIDS is more complete because of it. At the West End Cinema, 2301 M St. NW. Call 202-419-FILM or visit westendcinema.com.

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