The Human Centipede 2 Midnight at Landmark's E Street Cinemas

Posted by Randy Shulman
October 8, 2011 10:53 AM |

Landmark's E Street Cinema presents the D.C. premiere of The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence, sequel to one of the most controversial horror films ever made, about a mad scientist who pieces people together ass to mouth, creating one long "human centipede." The first film had its merits, believe it or not -- including a grim ending that pulled no punches. However it wasn't as gory as you'd expect. So director Tom Six has upped the ante apparently, creating a film that even die-hard horror fans are reportedly repulsed by. (Barbed-wire rape anyone?) Its appeal is hard to fathom. Screens tonight, Saturday, Oct. 8, at midnight. Landmark's E Street Cinema, 555 11th St. NW. Call 202-452-7672 or visit

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