Yelle brings her infectious beats to Baltimore

Posted by Randy Shulman
December 6, 2011 9:16 AM |

France's answer to Robyn, Julie "Yelle" Budet is another woman with a little girl's voice and killer beats, though the style is more playful, party pop. (While Robyn opened for Katy Perry over the summer in the U.S., Yelle opened for Perry on her earlier UK tour.) Along with GrandMarnier on drums and Tepr on keyboard, Budet performs from the band's catchy 2011 album Safari Disco Club. If the show is even half as fun (and funny) as its recent videos, it should be a trip. Wednesday, Dec. 7. Doors at 8 p.m. Sonar, 407 East Saratoga St., Baltimore. Tickets are $17 day of show. Call 410-783-7888 or visit

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