Mein Kampf - Eine Komodie at Scena Theatre

Posted by Randy Shulman
August 11, 2012 12:02 PM |

Subtitled "A Portrait of the Fascist as a Young Man," George Tabori's Mein Kampf - Eine Komodie is an irreverent dark comedy about, naturally, Adolf Hitler, riffing on the title of his anti-Semitic political screed. But the focus of this farce is on the evildoer before he became rabid, when he was a struggling painter forced to take shelter in a Viennese flophouse with a motley crew, including two Jews. SCENA Theater presents a production, directed by Robert McNamara and starring Cameron McNary as Hitler, that launched as part of the Capital Fringe Festival last month. To Aug. 19. The H Street Playhouse, 1365 H St. NE. Tickets are $30. Call 703-683-2824 or visit

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