In Spite of Love at GALA

Posted by Randy Shulman
September 30, 2012 12:57 PM |


GALA opens its 37th season with the delightful comedy from Agustin Moreto, a contemporary of Lope de Vega, or the master of Spain's Golden Age of theater. El desden con el desden focuses on a count and a princess who both pretend to disdain love and each other, but of course eventually fall in love after a series of madcap situations. Hugo Medrano directs a cast including Ignacio Garcia-Bustelo, Natalia Miranda-Guzman and Antonio Vargas, last seen in GALA's Puerto Rico…fua! To Oct. 7. GALA Theatre at Tivoli Square, 3333 14th St. NW. Tickets are $36 to $40. Call 202-234-7174 or visit

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