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Duplex Diner Celebrates 15 Years Tonight

By Doug Rule
July 12, 2013 12:08 PM |
Over the past 15 years, D.C.’s restaurant scene has grown by leaps and bounds -- in number, in quality, in variety. The bar scene has really perked up too. But one “eclectic, vibrant” venue still has bragging rights as “the place you go to eat and be seen, to network, to spot a local gay celebrity or two.” Those were ... [Read]

Is it as fun working for comedian Chelsea Handler as it would appear? “Oh for sure,” Fortune Feimster tells Metro Weekly. “We’re all lucky because she’s created a really tight-knit group, and all of us get along and we hang out. We make each other laugh everyday.” As noted in a profile in this week’s Metro Weekly, the openly gay Feimster ... [Read]