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  • Colman Domingo’s proud career as actor and budding playwright

    Colman Domingo's proud career as actor and budding playwright

  • Senate confirms two gay black judicial nominees to federal bench

    Includes the first out black man in the nation’s history to serve as a federal judge

  • Stepping Out

    “I can’t think of many dance concerts that I’ve seen where it’s been two black men dancing a story that was LGBT,” says Shawn Short,...

  • A Helper's Heart

    ''For a long time,'' Ramien Pierre says, ''I would surreptitiously look at leather images, watch leather porn and follow it on the Internet.'' In other...

  • Alabama Christmas parade rocked by Prancing Elites dance crew

    A group of African-American males from Mobile, Alabama marched as the final Christmas Parade contingent for the nearby town of Semmes. Some of the event’s...

  • Seasonal Solace

    For many LGBT people, religious faith can be tricky. And that may be more true as we catapult into Christmastime, when everything seems to be...

  • Out and Tuned In

    When it comes to ''institutions,'' D.C. has plenty that are completely removed from Congress, the White House, the Smithsonian or all the other icons recognized...

  • Wives Making Waves

    For some couples, marriage might signal the start of quiet domesticity. Then there are the power couples. Bill and Hillary. Sonny and Cher. And certainly...

  • ManDate Returns to D.C.

    The ManDate Conference, an annual gathering of about 200 African-American gay and bisexual men, will return to Washington for three days next month. The conference...

  • Marching On

    The LGBT community and its struggles for equality will share the stage alongside other communities advocating for social justice as community organizers, activists and civil...

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