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  • Love, Bal'mer Style

    Crowd of Pride partiers at Charles and Eager Streets in Baltimore ''We need more love in the world,'' Amber shouted from Baltimore Pride's main stage...

  • Summer Sequel

    From Boise to Barcelona, Shanghai to Omaha, June is a full month of GLBT pride celebrations far beyond Washington's own impressive offering. Among them, one...

  • Divas of Pride

    Today's pop music industry prefers its women doe-eyed and bird-brained. Pin-up pretty but deep-down dumb. But not every woman plays along. ''I'm not the dumb...

  • Soundwaves

    Amber Naked Tommy Boy Mary J. Blige Dance for Me MCA Records Amber is covered only by strategically placed tufts of hair on Naked. But...

  • Getting ''Naked'' with Amber

    The thanks to ''all my fantastic fans! You're my inspiration!'' dispatched by almost every pop star in their album booklets is usually meaningless blather and...

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