All posts tagged "andrew lloyd webber"

  • Patti LuPone is coming to talk and sing!

    Next week, the gay-popular Broadway veteran Patti LuPone appears onstage at two of D.C.’s best venues. First, Monday, Feb. 17, she’ll be at Sidney Harman...

  • Mad About You

    While it's not necessarily the answer you expect, Florence Lacey makes a little bit of madness sound kind of relaxing. At least, that is, when...

  • Phantom Menace

    Phantom of the Opera is today what it has always been: part circus, part carnival-ride, part made-for-TV movie. It is a sumptuous feast for the...

  • Geek Love

    First of all, it's okay if your first reaction to hearing about a show that parodies Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals is, ''How will I know...

  • Diva Fatigue

    When any half-pint pop singer can call herself a diva in song, something is woefully wrong. Becky Baeling sings -- no, shouts -- ''I'm a...

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