All posts tagged "animals"

  • The Pets Issue

    Some might argue that animals don't belong in close confines with humans, that the wild is more suitable for paws, fins, beaks and claws. While...

  • Horse Sense

    When she began her career as a racetrack veterinarian in the late 1980s, Linda Molesworth was something of a novelty at Maryland racetracks. As a...

  • Saddle Up

    If you've never been to a rodeo before, you might not know what ''Calf Roping,'' ''Chute Dogging'' or ''Goat Dressing'' are. But if the country-western...

  • Rodeo 101

    Think of the National Mall as the wide-open plain, Remington's as the local honky-tonk, and summer tourists as cattle. To make the illusion complete, some...

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