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  • Oy, Relationships

    Yentl seems a fruitless pursuit while Belleville takes too long to get going

  • Yentl at Theater J

    Theater J opens its new season with a familiar transgender story. Originally staged on Broadway in 1975, Yentl is based on Isaac Bashevis Singer’s short...

  • Michael Urie: Funny Guy

    Michael Urie has long focused on finding the funny

  • Ann Hampton Callaway’s Valentine to the Kennedy Center

    The Kennedy Center’s main Valentine’s Day treat is a romp through love songs from the Great American Songbook and other clever, contemporary originals by lesbian...

  • Diva Worship

    Did you know Barbra Streisand built an underground shopping mall at her Malibu, Calif., home? The stores display the many clothes and collectibles she's acquired...

  • Babs Is Back

    Barbra Streisand sounds as great and glorious as she did in her heyday on her new offering, Release Me. Of course, that's because most of...

  • Watch Barbra Streisand’s new video, “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today”

    Barbra Streisand’s new album Release Me drops on Tuesday, Oct. 9. The music video from “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today,” is available to...

  • The Best Music of 2011

      Lady Gaga and Beyoncé both released new albums in 2011. But aside from some great tracks (most notably ''Americano'' and Sheibe'' from Gaga, ''Run...

  • Classic Babs

    ''Hey baby, what's your hurry? Relax and don't you worry,'' Barbra Streisand sings on her new album. ''We're gonna fall in love.'' Honestly, when was...

  • Love Hangover

    Have you ever been in love, really in love – but still felt unsatisfied? Like it takes too much work, when it should be effortless?...

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