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  • Burgundy Crescent Volunteers

    Let's face it. It's not easy getting out of bed early on a Saturday to help Burgundy Crescent Volunteers, a local gay volunteer group. And...

  • Gay and Green

    In the local GLBT community, volunteering has a color: burgundy. Since its forming in 2001, Burgundy Crescent Volunteers have infused themselves into nearly all aspects...

  • Behind the Pride

    ''I'm in gay heaven,'' thought Christopher Dyer when he found himself backstage at a Capital Pride celebration as Martha Wash belted ''It's Raining Men'' from...

  • New Year, New You

    The holiday debt has racked up and the Christmas cookies have morphed into another inch for your waist size. The madness, however, wrapped itself up...

  • Burgundy Crescent Volunteers

    Photograph by Michael Wichita Burgundy Crescent membersvolunteering at Laugh Out Loud Burgundy Crescent Volunteers Mission: Burgundy Crescent has two missions: to provide volunteers for local...

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