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  • Love is Strange: An interview with director Ira Sachs

    An interview with director Ira Sachs

  • Hear Queer

    {Cheyenne Jackson (Photo by Karl Simone)} THE PAST COUPLE YEARS, YOU HAVEN'T BEEN able to turn on the radio without hearing the soaring work of...

  • Fun.’s Boost for Tegan & Sara

    One day soon here’s hoping we’ll see an American pop hit from a bona fide out LGBT artist or act. You don’t have to look...

  • A Cheyenne New Year's

    Cheyenne Jackson is surely one of the nicest guys working in the entertainment industry today -- but everyone has a breaking point. ''Some of our...

  • Ol' Blue Eyes

    ''She's the one who really encouraged us to get married,'' says singer-pianist Michael Feinstein, referring to his ''close friend'' Judith ''Judge Judy'' Sheindlin. Judge Judy...

  • Broadway's 'It' Boy

    Last year, Out Magazine named budding actor Cheyenne Jackson its Entertainer of the Year. ''It was a great honor,'' says Jackson, best known as the...

  • Pulling Out the PFLAG Stops

    Washington is home to many national GLBT organizations working for equality on nearly every front. When you look at the lineup for one organization's upcoming...

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