All posts tagged "christina ricci"

  • Cold Wheels

    It's been almost a week since I saw Speed Racer and already I can't remember a thing about it. I vaguely recall it being comprised...

  • Pig Sty

    Sometimes a story about a girl born with a pig's face is just that: a story about a girl born with a pig's face. And...

  • Snake on a Chain

    First off, an important disclaimer about Black Snake Moan. The snakes are metaphorical -- they did not follow Samuel L. Jackson off the plane. In...

  • Crying Wolf

    Fans who tend to go on and on about what a great horror director Wes Craven is conveniently tend to forget about Deadly Friend, a...

  • The Woman Beneath

    Talk about your extreme makeovers. Charlize Theron's alarming transformation into prostitute-turned-serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster is so remarkably convincing, you almost forget you're watching...

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