All posts tagged "couples"

  • Visions of Love

    Harvey Milk was famous for, among other things, imploring gay people to come out. Milk knew the power of visibility. He's not alone. That's not...

  • Partners Metro D.C.

    Members of Partners Metro D.C. MISSION: Founded in 1996, Partners Metro D.C. supports committed gay and lesbian couples and fosters acceptance and understanding of these...

  • Gay Tax Tips

    With tax season upon us, you and your partner may be in for some good news: Some gay couples have a distinct advantage over married...

  • A Gift of Harmony

    In honor of the season of peace and harmony, I'm giving readers -- at least, those readers who have a partner -- the gift of...

  • Times Two

    It's nearly Valentine's Day. Love is in the air. Couples walk hand-in-hand down the street. Flowers and candy flow like water. But take heart all...

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