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  • Victoria Kirby

    Ralph Ellison wrote The Invisible Man as a novel exploring the narrator's sense of social invisibility as an African-American man of the early 20th century....

  • Mourning at Howard [Updated]

    Adding to the troubling series of recent suicides by young LGBT or questioning people, seemingly as a result of bullying, another young person has taken...

  • Howard University: Acronyms Full of Equality

    IN OCTOBER 2008, BLAGOSAH celebrated not only the group's eight-year anniversary, but a resurgence after a few years of a sort of slumber. What was...

  • BLAGOSAH Blooms

    Danielle Cooper still recalls how she felt when she received an acceptance letter to D.C.'s Howard University, among the nation's most renowned historically black colleges...

  • Idol Time

    Franchelle ''Frenchie'' Davis gained fame -- and infamy -- during an all-too-brief round as a finalist in American Idol's second season. But she had her...

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