All posts tagged "jd samson"

  • Samson's Strength

    The Men is a new band from Brooklyn that JD Samson says plays ''really heavy music, somewhere between hardcore and metal.'' In other words, it...

  • The Attractions of Pride

    ''People have told me that they feel empowered, that my songs are so empowering,'' singer Deborah Cox told Metro Weekly in 2010. ''Even though some...

  • Divine Dance

    LAST YEAR, JD SAMSON, of the feminist dance-punk trio Le Tigre, released Talk About Body with her queer dance collective MEN, which also sometimes includes...

  • Sia Change

    Sia Furler is honored to be Christina Aguilera's ''bitch.'' Furler, who records under her first name, just wrapped up work co-writing for Aguilera, as well...

  • Hear 'Em Roar

    ''Come out and dance with us. Come out and dance with Men,'' JD Samson says, a bit playfully. Samson, a lesbian, is definitely not a...

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