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  • Town Tonight Offers a ‘Crack’ at Global Travel

    “Crack Trip” is the latest zany offering to come from the gay self-described low-budget theater group Crack DC, founded by Chris Farris, Karl Jones (aka...

  • Raw Bar

    Shea van Horn is giving it to us raw. “Basically what we’re trying to recreate is the dance scene in Cruising,” says...

  • The founders of Guerilla Queer Bar prepare for their final invasion

    In some places it's Guerilla Gay Bar. In others, like D.C., it's Guerilla Queer Bar. Maybe it's political. Maybe it's just a fun night out....

  • Cracking Uranus

    ''It'll be like a talent show in space,'' says Shea Van Horn of Town's debut Crack party this Saturday, dubbed a ''Journey to Uranus.'' Van...

  • Tainted Infamy

    All Karl Jones asks for is a little dance music diversity. ''When I first moved to D.C. six years ago, there really was nothing,'' he...

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