All posts tagged "nellie’s sports bar"

  • Team DC Celebrates Champions with Wade Davis

    Team DC, the local organization promoting LGBT participation in sports, will hold its annual Champions Awards Thursday, July 18, during which it will honor those...

  • Outspoken 35: Guilty or Innocent? [video]

    Ebone Bell wanders into Nellie's Sports Bar during their Sunday Guil-Tea Dance to inquire sex on the first date, Axe Body Spray and Justin Bieber....

  • Final Countdown

    It's a pleasantly humid autumn night in the nation's capital. But on this Tuesday, Nov. 4, along with the drizzle, there is electricity in the...

  • Feeling Nellie

    Really, what better name could there be for a gay sports bar than ''Nellie's''? You can thank Douglas Schantz's great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother, the eponymous inspirations...

  • Hearsay

    Sporting news... There wasn't enough CO2 at Nellie's Sports Bar this past Monday to high-ball the high-quality beers on draft -- and at times there...

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