All posts tagged "queer as folk"

  • Generating Sparks

    Last weekend, Hal Sparks helped Chely Wright launch an LGBT center in Kansas City, Mo. Of course, Fred Phelps and his nearby Westboro Baptist Church...

  • Life After Folk

    ''Could you tell me, like, where's a good place to go?'' -- Justin Taylor, Episode 1, Queer as Folk. Many of us first saw Randy...

  • Soundwaves

    Lauper SHE BOPS, WE BOP AGAIN... Would you believe Cyndi Lauper has only had one No. 1 club hit? Of course you know which one:...

  • Head of the Class

    Most gay characters on television may as well be impotent. That's not to say they're asexual, mind you. When the scriptwriter needs a campy wisecrack...

  • Soundwaves

    QUEER AS PITT... Pittsburgh -- or what passes for it on Showtime -- wants to teach D.C. a thing or two about nightlife. Plans are...

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