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  • German Engineering

    Sonia Rutstein recently met a man in Germany who inquired about her name. ”Oh, ‘Rutstein.’ This is a German name. Are you German?” she recalls...

  • SONiA's Splash

    Sonia Rutstein was as disheartened as every other gay person by the passage last fall of California's Propositon 8, the anti-gay marriage initiative. ''We move...

  • Soundwaves

    SONIA BOMBS THE DANCE FLOOR... Even in remixed form, it's not often that you hear a folk song on the dance floor. And it's almost...

  • Fear Factor

    ''It's like this infectious elation,'' says SONiA of the feeling she gets performing at Gay Prides. ''It's just a beautiful thing.'' This being SONiA, of...

  • Without Fear

    ''It kicks your butt, touring solo,'' says SONiA as she settles into the start of a Saturday afternoon interview from a motel in Ohio, where...

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