All posts tagged "woolly mammoth"

  • South Rising

    Regardless of the geographic realities, there are times when one could be quite sure that the Mason-Dixon Line runs right through the center of our...

  • Noises On

    Sitting in the Woolly Mammoth Theatre audience for Mike Daisey's one-man show, How Theater Failed America, you may find yourself wondering, ''Is Mike Daisey talking...

  • Rib Tickler

    Sir Peter Lustforth. Dame Stickle. Molly Tawdry. Lady Vanity Lustforth. And, of course, Dick Dashwood. If you're looking for a clue as to what kind...

  • White Hot

    Once again, Woolly Mammoth courageously enters the realm of black-white relations, this time via up-and-coming playwright David Adjmi's new play Stunning. Much like The Unmentionables,...

  • Witch Slapped

    It was probably one of those ideas followed by the exclamation, ''That's so crazy it just might work!'' Don't simply create a stage version of...

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