Best Buy puts the new MacBooks on sale. Good luck finding one.

Posted by Randy Shulman
July 3, 2012 12:48 AM |

Ian Paul reports in PC World that Best Buy has cut prices on several Apple computers, including the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. It's rare enough to see Apple products discounted for more than a few bucks, but Best Buy has dropped the price of the new Pros by an impressive $110, to $2,090. The sales are in-store only so, as Paul reports, if they're "out of stock, you're out of luck." To check availability, Paul ran a bit of a test to see which Best Buys still had the machine in stock.

To test the MBP's availability, I ran checks in random ZIP codes across the country in states such as California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Texas, and Wyoming. In my tests, most of the stores didn't have any sale items available. So unless you live near Bay Shore or Patchogue, New York; Clarksville, Indiana; Fort Collins, Colorado; or Rapid City, South Dakota; you may have a tough time finding a Best Buy with the new MacBooks available.

Fear not, the Best Buy sale extends to other Macs, including the 11.6" MacBook Air ($50 off), and the non-Retina Display 15.4" MachBook Pro ($90 off).

Frankly, the whole thing smacks of a "bait and switch" scheme to us. Anything to lure customers in.

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