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Samsung took a very hands-on approach to its Unpacked IFA press event -- literally, as all of its major announcements involved touch input of some variety. Phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, Samsung left few stones unturned as it gave indication of the numerous devices its bringing to market to tempt buyers for the remainder of this year. And what temptations they ... [Read]

Sony brought their A-game to IFA. They also brought their B-game, and C. Their D, too. In fact, they pretty much brought an entire alphabet of game, so stocked was the Sony press conference with announcements, covering almost every major tech consumable category. We have new smartphones joining the Xperia line-up, a replacement for last year's Tablet S, Windows ... [Read]

Both Apple and Samsung have released statements following Friday's jury verdict awarding Apple $1 billion (and some pocket change) in the Apple v. Samsung patent suit. Google, however, took a wee bit more time crafting a statement of its own. And why not? It could afford to sit back and munch on ice cream sundaes and jelly beans over the ... [Read]

Details are still trickling out of the court in California, but after an unusually short deliberation period -- less than a day -- the jury has returned with its decision, and it's pretty one-sided. The jury has agreed that Samsung infringed on Apple's bounceback scrolling patent with all 21 of the devices in question, and infringed on it's pinch-to-zoom ... [Read]

Amazon has announced a press conference, taking place September 6 in an airport hangar in Santa Monica, Ca. Offering no other information, the announcement is almost certain to involve the online shopping giant's Kindle products, with most speculation pointing towards the Fire tablet. As we previously noted, rumors of a 10-inch Fire to sit alongside an updated 7-inch model ... [Read]

25 years. That's how old the Microsoft logo is -- the bold, italicized logo that we've all come to love, loathe and show indifference to in equal measure. Microsoft introduced it in 1987, and now, a quarter of a century later, has decided the time is right for a change. It's an important year for Microsoft, with the impending ... [Read]

Poor Fisker. The California-based EV maker has been having a rough time of late. Just days after announcing a recall of its gorgeous Karma hybrid EV, following a spontaneous combustion that left one owner's shiny new car a little less... well, shiny, the automaker has now conceded that production on its upcoming Surf wagon has ground to a halt. Speaking to ... [Read]

Confirming end-of-September vacation blackout dates for Verizon has prompted Techcrunch to deduce that the iPhone 5 will make its debut on Friday, September 21. The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced by Apple at an event on September 12. Writes Jordan Crook at TC: A trusted Verizon employee has just confirmed to TechCrunch that the carrier is having an ... [Read]

PC Magazine reports that Samsung has 26 -- count 'em! -- 26 different screen sizes, while Apple, a mere four. Writes Sascha Segan: As the Apple-Samsung trial goes to the jury, both companies are plowing along with their plans for the holiday season. From Apple, we hear rumors of a new iPhone. From Samsung, we're hearing rumors about a new, ... [Read]

On this morning's roundup, you'll want to first check out Ars Technica for Kyle Orland's excellent review of the Nintendo 3DS XL. Writes Orland: [It's] been only 511 days since Nintendo released its portable 3DS in North America. That might seem like a relatively short time to roll out a major redesign like the 3DS XL, which expands both ... [Read]

Pinterest, the visual bookmarking tool, just released apps for the the iPad and Android devices and a refresh for the iPhone. Reports CNN, Since it launched last year, Pinterest has only been available on the Web and through its popular iPhone app. As the company rolled out new features and expanded into additional languages, it has heard one request back ... [Read]

It looks as though future iMacs and Mac Pros may come without optical drives. AppleInsider has found hints pointing to internal configuration files in Mountain Lion. According to the site: Internal configuration files in Mountain Lion make apparent references to yet-unreleased new generations of Apple's iMac (iMac13,0) and Mac Pro (MacPro6,0), both in the context of USB booting options ... [Read]

CNET's Eric Mack loves Google's Nexus 7

Posted by Randy Shulman
August 11, 2012 12:19 PM |
CNET's Eric Mack has a great essay about his unbridled adoration for Google's Nexus 7 tablet.... Could this really be it? Could the Nexus 7 really be the only one for me? Is it time to settle down into mobile device monogamy? I know many of you already use your iPads and other tablets to send e-mails and do much ... [Read]

And the sales numbers are out of the closet! The patent trial between Apple and Samsung produced a treasure trove of sales figures for the mobile products of both companies. The Apple figures are staggering if unsurprising. Essentially, however, Apple has sold over 34 million iPads in the U.S., bringing in $19 billion of revenue. It has sold over ... [Read]

"It's really important to show the gaming community how much of a large segment there is. People don't realize how many non-traditional gamers there are, because they don't make themselves as loud as other people in the community. It's important that these game companies and communities realize that there is a diversity, and with that will come more diverse characters ... [Read]

Macworld posted a great article about configuring Google's two-step authentication to help you avoid the kind of security fail that befell Wired's Mat Honan. Though Honan's situation was a result of security problems within Apple and Amazon's systems, the two-step authentication Google -- and its Gmail service -- provides can act as a fairly powerful security blanket. Lex Friedman offers ... [Read]

Samsung has announced it will release The Galaxy Note 10.1 "globally in August." The exact date has not yet been specified. Ben Woods in ZD Net UK writes: While the Note 10.1 looks similar to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and obviously has the same-sized display, it comes with the addition of the 'S' Stylus for quick notes or sketches found ... [Read]

This remarkable video shows Emma, a two-year-old born with arthrogryposis, a rare disease that keeps her from raising her arms without assistance. A Delaware hospital devised a plastic exoskeleton and deployed 3D printing technology to produce it. The 3D printing technology allows for them to produce new exoskeletons when Emma outgrows her current one, as well as print out ... [Read]

"[It] will be done when it's done." John Carmack, founder of iD Software, talking about Doom 4 at this weekend's QuakeCon LAN event. Both Doom 4 and Doom 3 BFG Edition, due out October 16 and will support head-mounted displays, such as the forthcoming Oculus Rift, which is currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign. However, don't expect the headgear ready by ... [Read]

Lifehacker, one of our very favorite websites, has a plethora of daily useful tips for coping with your over-teched life and beyond. This week, however, the site threw us a tip worthy of an Olympian. Specifically, they showed us how to bypass the NBC broadcast of the 2012 London games and view them on the far-preferable BBC stream. Thorin Kiosowski ... [Read]