How to bypass NBC and stream the BBC's official Olympic coverage

Posted by Randy Shulman
August 4, 2012 3:22 PM |

Lifehacker, one of our very favorite websites, has a plethora of daily useful tips for coping with your over-teched life and beyond. This week, however, the site threw us a tip worthy of an Olympian. Specifically, they showed us how to bypass the NBC broadcast of the 2012 London games and view them on the far-preferable BBC stream. Thorin Kiosowski writes:

If you're outside of the United Kingdom then getting a good live feed of the Olympics isn't easy. NBC is streaming some video, but it's ugly, slow, and requires a cable subscription. Worse, what they're showing on their over-the-air broadcast is tape delayed. In short, NBC is failing to deliver suitable coverage in a connected age. If you don't want the internet (or the morning newspaper, in some cases) to spoil everything, here's how to get access to the official (and excellent) BBC live streams


The catch, as he points out, is that the "live video streams are region locked." But that's where Lifehacker comes through brilliantly, offering a do-it-yourself guide to unblocking the service, so that you can watch "live, silky smooth HD feeds direct from the BBC." They also serve up some alternatives.

For the full post with the directions, click here.

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