December 2012 Archives

Most of the technology we own isn't identifiable items like smartphones and tablets. It's stuff, paraphernalia, things -- those chosen pieces that perform a particular purpose so well that they stop being desirable gadgets and simply become part of our daily routine. That's not to say, however, that the speakers, radios and random gifts you have and give to others ... [Read]

Cameras have a tough life. Tasked with ensuring every memory is frozen in time -- a child's first day at school, a beautiful sunset on the beach, the naked torso of the hot guy dancing with you at the club -- they must recreate each frame as if we were viewing it in person, regardless of time or setting. Picking ... [Read]

You might ask why we're including a gift guide for tablets. Many consumers ignore the choices available to them and walk straight to their nearest iPad retailer. They're making a smart decision, as Apple's effort is one of the best money can buy -- but it's no longer the best. Tablets are a gift that can be enjoyed by many -- ... [Read]

Smartphones are becoming increasingly integral to our daily routines -- running our schedule, talking to our friends, checking our work messages, catching up on the day's news, watching the latest viral videos -- the work of the modern smartphone is never finished. As gifts, though, they can be truly treacherous. Get it right, and the recipient will love you, fawn ... [Read]

Metro Weekly Multimedia Producer Aram Vartian took a new micro-video camera, GoPro's Hero3, to check out the big features that come in very small package. The new Hero3 is the third offering in a line of small, wearable camcorders from GoPro. They are designed for portability, but are still capable of capturing amazing 12 mp photos and HD video up ... [Read]