May 2013 Archives

The long-awaited return of the Bluth family drew record viewing figures for Netflix. Unsurprisingly, the hype that surrounded the much-loved comedy transferred into a large number of users taking Sunday to binge-watch the episodes, with 10 percent of those making it to episode 15 before Monday. Procera, who document Netflix usage, reported 36 percent of Netflix users on one ... [Read]

Here's one for you Android-purists -- and I know there are more than a few of you out there. In a rather surprise announcement, Google, at their I/O conference, stated that they would soon be selling a version of Samsung's Galaxy S 4 flagship that runs stock Jelly Bean Android. No Touchwiz, no carrier "enhancements," nothing. Just clean, unadulterated ... [Read]

At last year's I/O conference, Google touted 400 million Android devices as having been activated around the globe -- a number which has now more than doubled. That's 1.5 million devices per day. Since last June, 18 people every second have activated an Android device. It's growth that even Apple can only marvel at, and goes a long way to explaining Android's ... [Read]

Oft rumored to be in the works, Google confirmed today at its I/O conference that it would be launching its own music-streaming service. Officially known as Google Play Music All Access, it will cost $9.99 per month for unlimited streaming -- though every user will get the first 30 days for free to try it out. As an added ... [Read]