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Minecraft, one of the world's most popular video games, is apparently headed to the big screen. No surprise there, given the success of The Lego Movie and Minecraft's own Lego-like blocky yet remarkably elegant approach to graphics. The news was leaked by the game's creator, Swedish programmer Marcus "Notch" Persson, who tweeted, "Someone is trying [to] leak the fact ... [Read]

Verizon changes things, a bigger iPad, and Sperm-Bots

Four tech stories that caught our eye this past weekend.

Posted by Randy Shulman
January 19, 2014 9:55 PM |
Very Hairy. Hair care industry giant L’Oreal is reportedly collaborating with Google Glass to produce in-depth tutorials detailing hair styling techniques -- from the stylist’s point of view. Yes, you too can learn how to curl and straighten like the best of them. The company will release a Google Glass app, as well, sometime this spring. No word yet ... [Read]

It's been an exciting day in the tech world -- lots going on, the least of which is a huge (forced by way of accidental reply all from a Window phone) announcement that Steve Ballmer, current C.E.O. of Microsoft, is retiring "…within the next 12 months…" [Microsoft] Techdirt, doing what they do best, found some new information on the ... [Read]

Sad Facebook

Posted by Randy Shulman
August 16, 2013 9:25 AM |
A new study published in the Public Library of Science "predicts declines in subjective well-being in young adults." Or, to put it more succinctly, Facebook could possibly make you sad. Especially if you use it too much. Like every day. All the time. As the study, conducted at the University of Michigan, notes: Over 500 million people interact daily with ... [Read]

3 Hot Tech Links - Phones Edition

Posted by Randy Shulman
July 22, 2013 11:14 AM |
1. Nokia may be unveiling its Lumia 625 tomorrow with a special announcement. 2. Apple is looking into creating larger iPhones and iPads. 3. What may be inside Motorola's Moto X. Follow @metroweekly ... [Read]

"We are very aware of the fact we are standing on the shoulders of giants. We are playing in the space of some of the most critically acclaimed games of all time." Warner Bros. Montreal's Ben Mattes, a senior producer for the game Batman: Arkham Origins, on his company's being awarded the Batman series over Rocksteady, which had created ... [Read]

The tech sites are abuzz with news that Microsoft might just release -- or at least seriously preview -- the new XBox, code-named Durango, at a just-announced special event on May 21, 2013. Of course, Microsoft could pull a Sony and be a big flirt, not actually show us the device, as its rival did with the PS4 -- ... [Read]

Today, Grindr turns 4. True, that's still a toddler in human years, but for an app, it's akin to middle age, or at least the early 30s. The gay social app -- which a press release from the company more elaborately calls a "groundbreaking all-male, location-based meet up app" -- touts users in 192 countries with more than 6 ... [Read]

Samsung is expected to announce its newest handset, the Galaxy S4, on an event Thursday, March 14. The company leaked a picture of a handset in shadow this morning on Twitter with the update, "The countdown for #TheNextBigThing has begun. Who's ready for the Global Unpacked Event on March 14?" Rumors surrounding the phone claim it has a 1080p display, ... [Read]

"Although Apple created one of the most revolutionary devices of the past decade, other manufactures have caught up, with some Android powered devices now commanding higher levels of user satisfaction." -- OnDevice Research marketing manager Sarah Quinn, on the iPhone's failure to hit the number one slot in a poll conducted among more than 300,000 smartphone and tablet users ... [Read]

Research in Motion is now BlackBerry. That's the big news out of Canadian company's announcement today. Oh, and RIM -- er, BlackBerry -- also showed off its new 10 series: the BlackBerry Z10, which has a touch-screen interface, and the Blackberry Q10, which combines a physical keyboard with a more minuscule touch screen (dainty, really). They were hardly a surprise, ... [Read]

"This makes it the most comprehensive launch in mobile history. There has never been a platform launching with that many carriers." -- Frank Boulben, RIM's Chief Marketing Officer, to ABC World News regarding Wednesday's anticipated launch of the Blackberry 10, the completely new version of the company's software, written from the ground up. Blackberry hopes to regain market share with ... [Read]

I'm not going to even pretend to be "The Car Person" of Technocrat. Those would be Sean Bugg and Rhuaridh Marr -- they're the auto-aroused ones. Me? I wouldn't know the difference between a hood ornament and tail fin. I've even been known to refer to the stick shift as "the thing that makes the car go." But even ... [Read]

Hey, this is pretty awesome, folks. Delta Air Lines has released an iPad app whose features include a "glass bottomed" view at the ground beneath the plane. Can you just imagine a cabin full of people all staring into their laps? Okay, so it's not live live, but rather a combination of maps, satellite imagery, photos, social media updates ... [Read]

"We have demonstrated that using today's most popular social network, Facebook, may have a detrimental effect on people's self-control." So says Dr. Andrew Stephen, of the University of Pittsburgh, who, along with Dr. Keith Wilcox of Columbia University conducted a study with more than 1,000 Facebook users that demonstrated that social networking platforms could lead certain users to exhibit a ... [Read]

"Research shows that you're more likely to achieve your resolutions if you write them down and have support. Try sharing your goals with communities around you. When you're ready to share your new year's ambition with the world, or if you're interested in seeing what resolutions look like around the globe, add it to the interactive resolution map on ... [Read]

Metro Weekly Multimedia Producer Aram Vartian took a new micro-video camera, GoPro's Hero3, to check out the big features that come in very small package. The new Hero3 is the third offering in a line of small, wearable camcorders from GoPro. They are designed for portability, but are still capable of capturing amazing 12 mp photos and HD video up ... [Read]

Polaroid's print-producing Z2300

Posted by Randy Shulman
October 4, 2012 3:28 PM |
Remember those good old days of Polaroid? Well, maybe you don't, but I sure do -- the fun of snapping a picture and watching in utter astonishment as it materialized before your eyes, in just about two minutes. I actually own an old Polaroid Swinger -- though god knows if it works -- and recently unearthed a Polaroid taken of ... [Read]

Facebook's Helping Hand

Posted by Randy Shulman
October 2, 2012 3:26 PM |
I don't often feel the need to get help while using Facebook -- I mean, really, it's not that complicated -- but it's nice to know that help is available should I ever need it. That said, I'm fairly impressed with the site's overhaul of its Help Center. Elegantly designed with a nod toward streamlined simplicity, and anchored by ... [Read]

On Tuesday, Sept. 26, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that would allow self-driving cars on the state's roads. (These trends always start in California, haven't you noticed? First organic alfalfa, now this.) The very notion of a self-driving car personally makes me slightly nervous. Although it tends to give credence to the term "asleep at the ... [Read]