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9 Amazing Same-Sex Marriage Adverts

Posted by Rhuaridh Marr
October 28, 2013 8:48 PM |
In light of recent anti same-sex marriage commercials -- we're looking at you, NOM -- and the wealth of states that still oppose same-sex marriage, we at Metro Weekly thought we'd give everyone a much needed boost. As such, we present eleven of our favorite pro-gay marriage adverts. Not all are commercials, and not all are as vocal in ... [Read]

Bloodworth-Thomason's Bridegroom premieres Sunday on OWN

By Will O'Bryan
October 25, 2013 2:54 PM |
When it comes to Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, an automatic association is comedy – granted, often socially aware comedy – like her hit show Designing Women. The tragedy is a bit further in the back, but it’s definitely there and it most certainly played a part in defining who she is today. The same year Designing Women debuted, 1986, Bloodworth-Thomason’s mother – ... [Read]

Want to check out the full first episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, Season 4? It's online and ready to go. And -- just this once -- there is no log-in requirement. Hit the pic to enter the entertaining, zombie-armageddon of people who still seem a little too good-looking to earn our pity. We're looking at you, Michonne! Or, maybe ... [Read]