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MISSION: ReNudePride was created in 2003 to provide a healthy, non-threatening environment where men can enjoy being nude together. The group of 150-plus members is open to gay men without regard to their race, age, religion, HIV-status or physical appearance. ReNudePride promotes male bonding and friendship, while working toward overcoming negative perceptions associated with being nudists. One of the group’s regular activities is the monthly potluck social.

HOW TO JOIN: The group’s web site at lists criteria for applicants. Admission to the group is dependent upon maintaining a full range of ages and body types in the group.


Turning a bad situation into something positive was the genesis for ReNudePride, says founder Stephen Gerard. For him, May 16 once marked the end of a relationship. Now it marks the day he started this nudist group. “Let’s make it the date something fun starts,” Gerard reasoned, before inviting eight friends to his home for the birth of the group two years ago. “Now when May 16 rolls around, all I think is here’s the anniversary of our group.” Gerard is thrilled that the group has been so successful, climbing from its initial handful of members to more than 150 today. “It’s taken off like I couldn’t believe,” concludes Gerard, seemingly oblivious to the pun.


NEXT EVENT: The group’s second anniversary party is planned for May. Contact the group for more information.

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