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2006 Capital Pride: Horoscopes for June

Heavenly Round-Up: This year’s Pride comes with its own, spectacular finale, with drama, fireworks and door-prizes for one and all. Make up your mind to get on the bus with your whole heart. This is no time to hold back, hedge bets or drag feet. As you work your way through the week and the day, remember to keep an eye on the meta-meaning inherent in the fun and frolicking. Eventually, the big picture will sweep you away into a kaleidoscope of images, impressions and intimacies you could never have predicted. Distribute forbearance and open-endedness. Create divine synergy.

Aries: You’re on fire with intention and desire. The fuel mix is heady and the vibe is out of this world. You’re one with the cosmos — or, at the very least, your inner vision thereof. Share your warmth with those who are having a hard time warming up to the festivities. Call a Libra.

Taurus: You love being a part of the solution. The key to getting the most from your time at Pride is careful planning beforehand, and intentional flexibility once you’re in motion. Keep your cell phone charged, and your own metabolism in shape with high-protein snacks.

Gemini: Same as it ever was? Look again — you’ll find there are now way more things in heaven and earth than you’ve ever dreamt of before. You’ve got a chance to show your wild side in safety, and with impunity, once you let the costume reveal your inner truth. Chat at will.

Cancer: Whatever else you’ve heard, you haven’t heard the secret someone will drop in your ear before sundown. Whatever else you’ve done, you haven’t been down the path you’ll tread before this is over. Whatever else you’ve felt, you’ve never been so certain as you are now.

Leo: Reality outshines speculation. You’ve got a lock on that odds-bending luck of yours. Gamble to your heart’s content — with your heart, if necessary. You can’t get more hurt than you will be engaged, entertained, educated and emancipated. Anticipate everything early.

Virgo: You promised yourself to stay grounded, but all your good intentions tend to fly out the window once you’re in the thick of things. So pack your day kit with care: Don’t forget the sun-block and water. Make extra time to get where you’re going, and cut yourself wide slack.

Libra: You’re not fussed that you didn’t plan ahead. You plan to go with the flow instead. Share your strategy with others, and give a genuine ear to their input — they may know something that you don’t. Concentrate on renewing your vitality through flirtation and dancing.

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Scorpio: Is this the beginning of the end? Technically, it is. But at the same time, it’s the first day of the rest of your life. You can go for the pure gold, if you’ll only give yourself enough space and few enough restrictions. Use your discipline to set your expectations free in the p.m.

Sagittarius: Call ’em like you see ’em, regardless of the social pressure to conform. You can be all that and more with the simple addition of a little thoughtful charm, and the wit to this once let others do more of the talking. Don’t book into the evening early — there’s a surprise.

Capricorn: You couldn’t walk away from this one if you tried. It’s like a new magnetic force guiding you to your inevitable destination. As one in a dream, you’re not certain if you have control over the surreal events you see. Do they mean something more? Deeper? HmmÂ….

Aquarius: Why is it that new friends often seem the most delightful? This is certainly the time to make as many new friends as you wish. If all this social activity leaves you dazed and confused, remember that this is a festival season — all taboos are relaxed; all bets are off.

Pisces: Systems have a place in this world, but chaos rules your approach to maximizing your Pride experience. Don’t get so relaxed that you don’t get out several times. There’s so much to do and see, it’s hard to keep your calendar clear. Write it down: Showing up is 9/10ths of the law.

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