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DC Front Runners

Running and walking social club for gay people and friends

If you’re like me, you can’t spend more than three or four minutes on a treadmill before becoming bored out of your mind. While there’s little that can be said for imitating a lab rat running on a wheel, nothing has motivated me to ditch the treadmill in favor of the great outdoors. Nothing, that is, until I ran with the DC Front Runners on a recent chilly Saturday. I met up with the group in front of the Taras Shevchenko monument near P Street Park and attempted to keep up, as the 60 or so runners ran courses of three, four or six miles. While I could only manage three miles, it got my weekend off to a great start. If you’re not a regular runner and are not sure if you can handle it, don’t fret. The DC Front Runners is a running and walking group. So if you can’t keep up, you can catch your breath while walking with group members. At the end of my three miles, I joined the pack back at Shevchenko’s monument for a breakfast of bagels and chitchat. A good tip for any chilly weather that may still hit before the heat: There’s a coat check. One member holds the fort in Shevchenko’s shadow, guarding whatever you might not want to jog with. The DC Front Runner meets two times every week. For the full rundown, visit