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Ganymede honors Stonewall with a series of readings

”We wanted to create a very relaxed atmosphere to celebrate and learn about ourselves and our history,” says Ganymede Arts’ Jeffrey Johnson. His theater’s current series of readings, ”Stonewall: 40 Years of Landmark GLBT Plays,” aims to celebrate works seminal to the gay rights movement. These include Boys in the Band, Bent and Torch Song Trilogy. The readings are being held at various locations every Monday during June, except for Angels in America, which will occur Sunday, June 28, the actual 40th anniversary of New York’s Stonewall riots.

”To me, out of the last 40 years, Angels in America really is the landmark play,” says Johnson. ”We decided it was the best way to honor the day.”

The series closes Monday, June 29, with Terrence McNally’s 2006 play Some Men at HRC’s National Headquarters. Though it’s the least-known play in the series, Johnson sees it as the perfect capstone.

”It takes vignettes over the past 50 years of GLBT history and recaps where we’ve come from — from living your life in the closet to a marriage.”

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