Metro Weekly


October 29-November 4, 2009

Heavenly Round-Up: I hope you’ve been careful what you pray for. This is a peak manifestation cycle. Wishes come true. Dreams come to life. Fantasies make limited engagements in the real world. But there are strings attached. There are caveats and codicils and all manner of flies in the proverbial ointment. So keep your eyes open and make your bargains carefully. Read all the fine print. Don’t go lone gunman. Ask for expert assistance. Seek out worldly advice. Consult with the pros. Pay their fees promptly. Win big.

Aries: You’ve been more than patient. You’ve been more than understanding. You’ve doled out enough rope to cover the Washington Monument in macramé. Now you need to reassess. You’ll want to make a fresh choice based on reality and not desired possibilities alone.

Taurus: You’re the focal point for the fracas, but it didn’t start with you and you’re not the reason so much of the original initiative has gone south so far and so hard. So what will you do now to make good? Call in a couple of ringers to help restructure the whole mess.

Gemini: You’d thought the pressure would be off by now. You’d believed time and tide would wash away the current strain of troubles. You’d convinced yourself and others that it was all over. Instead, a brand new concern has cropped up in an unexpected quarter. Hmmm.

Cancer: Sometimes you have to go deep to get far. Sometimes you have to misdirect attention in order to accomplish the most possible in the time you have. Sometimes you have to dissemble to reveal the truth of the matter. Let higher ethics guide your actions Monday.

Leo: Suddenly, it’s all about where and who and not so much about how or what. This is an exciting change in perspective. But you might wish to stop and ask yourself why such a shift has taken place. Was it something you said or did? Was it something left undone, unsaid? Inquire.

Virgo: Take a deep breath. You’ve earned it. You came through in one piece — and that’s the best that can be said for anyone in your situation. Now you need to focus on how to make the most of your much-enhanced resources and your finely honed skill sets. Go Friday.

Libra: Once everything came naturally. Once you were smooth like silk. Once there was an answer for every question. Now you’re not so sure. Now you’re more isolated than you like. Now you keep stumbling over the painfully obvious. Slow down and rethink your strategy.

Scorpio: You love this time of year. You love the way the world celebrates her annual, hemispheric death so that she may be reborn in spring. Can you love that this will happen in the microcosm: your life? Reflect on the ends you need to create to make room for all the new to come and grow.

Sagittarius: It could all be fun again. It could all be one big joke. It could all be delightful. But you’re going to have to work like you rarely have before to make it all manifest. Now’s a good time to batten down the hatches and sail hard into the wind to your shore of fulfillment.

Capricorn: Stop for a second and ask yourself what you really want from your work life. Now pause a moment further and listen to the answer. Don’t edit it for being inconvenient. Don’t ignore it as unrealistic. Don’t shunt it aside for being too big, bold or silly. Trust yourself.

Aquarius: You don’t mind staring the big questions of life in the face. You don’t mind being called to account for your conduct and practices. You don’t mind being set aside for something more convenient. But you’re really counting on your partner and peers to see you through.

Pisces: If it were up to you, and reality is more elastic than most folks would like you to know, the world would be a different place. It would have different priorities and different behavior patterns and different skill sets. And you would be the queen of all you surveyed. Make it so!


October 22-28, 2009

Heavenly Round-Up: Your luck will change with the wind. It will change with the air pressure. It will change with the temperature. Your inner state of receptivity and awareness directly correlates with the little meteorological shifts of every hour of the day. Timing is most important in a cycle of this flavor. Read the forecasts. Listen to your knees, big toes or neck to gain an intimate understanding of where the work is to be done and when to take best advantage of the moment. Wear blue.

Aries: You have people. You can count on them. Maybe not in the manner that you had anticipated. Maybe not in a way as useful as you’d hoped. Maybe not exactly when you’d wished they’d be there. But you have people. And they will make all the difference. Reboot.

Taurus: You claim you’re surprised at this turn of the worm. You insist you had no foreknowledge of this twist in the Gordian Knot which is your life. You deny the inevitability of this course of human events. And yet, you’re uniquely positioned to take advantage of the times.

Gemini: You’ve been coasting on your charm for quite a while. It’s no bad skill to have. But now you’re called to higher things, larger purpose and greater accomplishments. Will you take up the grail quest for the good of your soul and personal development? Ask an Aquarius.

Cancer: Touch, but don’t look! The eyes may be deceived more readily than the hands. Insist on having a first-person intimacy with the matters at hand. Insist on having shared control, and share it with the person whose point of view is most difficult for you to swallow. Win.

Leo: Still shining in the spotlight? Wishing you could see past the glare? Wondering how close you are to falling off the edge of plausibility? You’ll need to use your sixth sense until the show refocuses around the next unlucky individual. Take a deep breath and keep going.

Virgo: You’ve been disappointed, but don’t take it personally. Don’t get hooked into a cycle of settling. You’ll find there is a ”better late than never” clause hoving onto the horizon. You’ll want to be ready to take best advantage of all that may be on offer. Dream big.

Libra: Time flies, whether you’re having fun or not. That’s the good news. Then there’s the matter of what you’ll manage to do while all that time is whistling past your ears. Don’t allow yourself to become too distracted. Pick a mantra and it will center you Sunday.

Scorpio: Is it fate? Could it be that easy? Or is it the accumulated karma of your choices and your desires coming home to bite you on the ass — albeit in a good way? Learn what you can. Do what you must. Don’t start whining early to avoid the rush. You’ll have time.

Sagittarius: Constant vigilance is the price of freedom. But of what must you be aware? Is it the good intentions with which the road to hell is paved? Is it the kindly interference that sabotages your most earnest endeavors? Is it your own incurable optimism? Reflect.

Capricorn: You’ve been there and done that and now you’re on the judging panel. You can’t help but wince as you watch the newbies fumble and stumble toward the wrong goal post. Should you offer advice or stay impartial? Should you consult with a crony or a frenemy?

Aquarius: You’ve been down this road before. It doesn’t go anywhere you want to be. It isn’t scenic. It isn’t a shortcut. Will you choose to go off road? Will you allow your time to be wasted? Will you pretend to being philosophical when really you’re only being slack?

Pisces: Your dreams of the possible become more vivid in direct proportion to their unlikelihood. Is this a message to attempt the unattainable? Is this a directive to dare yourself to head out for the wild blue yonder? Is this a red herring to keep you from your appointed rounds?


October 8-14, 2009

Heavenly Round-Up: Truth and/or consequences is the name of the game here and now. What has been spoken or written or even rumored is coming for us, with a vengeance. We can’t change the past, but we can hold ourselves to the highest possible standards and stake out the highest possible moral ground as we wait to see how we can survive our own sins of transmission, omission and commission. Use your inner trickster to weasel your way into a better crowd, frame of mind or fun event.

Aries: You came, you saw, you got distracted. And you’re not the first to have left your own objectives in the dust as you got caught up in the instant. Will you backtrack to find your focus? Will you forge ahead, heedless of direction? Will you pause to let reality catch up with you?

Taurus: Don’t look now, but there are karmic bills to pay before you can advance to the next level. You’ve put off for tomorrow what you couldn’t face today for long enough. Now it’s time to face the music and decide how to get back in tune with your own cosmic rhythm. Recreate.

Gemini: Was it the way it looked? Was it something someone said? Was it simply the confluence of time and opportunity? You find yourself in a pickle of your own making, and very little desire to haul yourself out of the brine. Will it get better if you wait it out? Can you stand to?

Cancer: You’ve been predicting something of this nature. It wasn’t what you thought it was going to be, and it didn’t come from the quarter you were expecting. You’ve had these prescient phases before. Can you make something useful out of this minor setback? Will you try?

Leo: You want to serve the sun and the moon on a bed of stars to prove your worthiness and devotion. You want the sky to be the limit. You want to ride the Milky Way into infinity and fame. It’s nice to want. Bring your energy into the realm of the physical and put out.

Virgo: Even if you don’t get everything you thought you deserved, you may yet get more than you need to meet the bottom line head on. Even if you don’t overcome handily, you may yet do enough to finish first. Even if you can’t coast, you may yet have the stamina to succeed.

Libra: Was it the night terrors? The unexpected glitch that grew into a spiraling viral event? The twist in the plot of daily life that sidelined you because you just can’t admit your own Achilles’ heel to yourself? You can still make good. Let go of the past, embrace the now.

Scorpio: You’ve been waiting a long time for what you want. You’ve been working as hard as you can to get every last detail handled. You’ve been dedicated and diligent. You’ve overlooked something vital and now may be almost too late to correct that tragic flaw. Learn the lesson.

Sagittarius: You’re gifted. You’re talented. You’re super-charged. You’re ready. So what are you waiting for? Will you let a few puny impossibilities ruin a magical future? Will you let the tired end of someone else’s story dictate whether you live happily ever after? Dream aloud.

Capricorn: Is it a wrench in the works? Maybe it’s a necessary braking mechanism to prevent you from going too far, too fast without any exit strategy. Use this break in the flow to assess and reassess where you are, where you want to be and at what cost. Wear armor Monday.

Aquarius: You’re better off safe than sorry. You’re aware of the risks, and you prefer not to take them. Will you have a real choice when push comes to shove? Will you be able to use your multifaceted awareness to make the most of the unexpected? Will you have the juice to try?

Pisces: It’s you in a mirror-image. Didn’t you recognize yourself? Or were you disoriented by the unfamiliar perspective? You can still make up for lost time and scattered energy. A fresh assessment of your diet and self-maintenance routines could be the key to success.