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Deadly dance floor: Gay bar brawl ends in death of gay man in Toledo [video]

”He was such a homebody. This was only the second time this year he went to a bar and this happened to him. He never started any trouble. He died trying to keep someone else from being hurt…. It was so very senseless. There’s no reason my brother was taken away from me for something as insignificant as a bump.”

Shonda Floyd, sister of Marland Woods who was killed in the parking lot outside of Caesar’s Showbar in Toledo, OH. A 20-year-old, Norman Corggens, was arrested for assaulting Woods, 33, last week. Others involved are being sought. Woods was pronounced dead at a hospital. Woods leaves behind his partner of 10 years, Brian Hunker, his parents and 10 siblings. They appeared at candleight vigil that was held at the bar Tuesday. The reason for the brawl apparently stems from a fight that broke out after someone bumped into someone else on the bar’s dancefloor. In an unrelated but similar incident this past March, a lesbian bar in nearby Baltimore became a murder scene after a fight broke out over a dancefloor bump. That bar, Coconuts, closed down after that incident. (The Courier) (WTOL)

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