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''So, You Think You're a Drag Queen'' @ Town Danceboutique: Episode 2 [video]

Town's monthly contest celebrating the aspirations of amateur drag queens in Washington continues with its biggest and best show yet

Town Danceboutique held its fourth installment in the monthly contest “So, You Think You’re a Drag Queen?” on Saturday, April 3. Five new contestants — Queen Tan, Shineta Work, Simone, Donna Sugardust and Natasha Dupre — vied to be April’s ultimate drag queen.

The winner advances to a grand finale later this year, where she’ll compete against the other monthly winners. Crazy competitions in this month’s edition include walking a “wafer-thin” runway and creating an outfit out of a tablecloth and flowers and then performing unrehearsed to a song.

“So, You Think You’re a Drag Queen?” is co-hosted by Shi-Queeta-Lee and Lena Lett.

The next contest will be Friday, April 30. For details on how to enter, visit