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Rehoboth Arrests

Police arrest six men suspected in string of muggings

The Rehoboth Beach, Del., Police Department announced last week that six men, including three juveniles, have been arrested in connection with a string of muggings that occurred between July 16 and Aug. 2, primarily along the south end of the beach’s boardwalk.

”Since July 16 the Rehoboth Beach Police Department has been conducting an investigation into five assaults and robberies that occurred in the downtown area of Rehoboth Beach,” Police Department Chief Keith W. Banks told Metro Weekly on Tuesday, Aug. 17. ”We actually did tie in six individuals to these crimes with the assistance of the Delaware State Police. After interviewing them, I believe we have all who were involved.”

According to press release, police were able to secure a confession from one of the suspects, and ”additional individuals were implicated in the assaults.”

Among the robbery and mugging victims was Stephen Gerard Smith, a 47-year-old gay man from Odenton, Md. Smith suffered a concussion, broken nose and bruises after being attacked by a group of men near where Stockley Street intersects with the boardwalk, during the early hours of Sunday, July 18.

The six suspects, all from Delaware, are: Diandre C. Mapp, 16; Tralon T. Bailey, 15; Lepre M. Doughty, 17; Shaun L. Houchens, 18; Michail T. Brittingham, 18; and Dale L. Reed Jr., 19.

”The disheartening thing about it is that it doesn’t look like the motive was money in all cases,” Banks says. “It almost seems like they were having fun doing this.”

Regarding the three juveniles arrested in the case, Banks says there is ”a good possibility they will tried as adults.”