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Rose Garden

The Real L Word's Rose Garcia stirs things up at the Hippo's new party, Spin

Rose Garcia is extremely proud of her work on Showtime’s reality show The Real L Word. ”I can remember when I was growing up,” the 36-year-old says, ”I didn’t have that visual support, where I could sort of see myself on TV.” In fact, Garcia regularly gets messages from kids, inspired by her big Latin Catholic family’s support of her and her lesbian life.

”I get so many e-mails from a lot of kids that were just like, ‘Wow, I wish my family was like that.’ Or, ‘It’s given me a little bit of courage to tell my mom and dad because of the way your grandma, who’s an older Catholic Puerto Rican woman, accepted you.”’

Of course, Garcia was a wild child on the series, which aired last summer. Garcia was billed as a ”reformed player,” trying to settle down with her new girlfriend.

”Unfortunately I didn’t realize I wasn’t fully reformed,” says Garcia, who only ended her relationship with Natalie earlier this year after many months of struggle, not to mention Garcia’s on-air ”shenanigans.”

”The one regret I have is that I should have remained single,” she says. ”I saw the way I treated her, and the way I acted. I was extremely immature. There are a lot of parts of me that have changed.”

Of course, at least now she can be the party girl nature intended. Garcia, who runs a successful real estate business in Los Angeles, spends her weekends traveling around the country. She’ll appear at Club Hippo this Sunday, March 6, for a new women’s dance party called Spin, produced by Karen Diehl, whose Ladies of Lure produces Cobalt’s popular monthly Lure parties. DJ Rosie will DJ for the inaugural event.

Garcia is enjoying her time in the limelight. ”I’m having fun [and] embracing the message that I put out there, in regards to my family’s effects on a lot of the kids that are having struggles coming out or feeling like they don’t have support.”

Spin is every first Sunday – starting this Sunday, March 6 – from 6 p.m. to midnight at Club Hippo, 1 West Eager St., Baltimore. Cover is $4, or $8 to play a game of flip-cup. Call 410-547-0069 or visit or

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