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Can’t Stop the Music at Atlas

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Atlas’s third annual Gay 101 film series has been more than cut in half, with only four films screening as opposed to last year’s eleven. And this year, it emphasizes gay camp, with two films that made Metro Weekly’s :13 Camp Films Everyone Should See” list from earlier this year. The series includes the original Hairspray, Some Like It Hot and The Birdcage, but it kicks off this Thursday, July 5, with No. 12 from that list, the commercial flop about the Village People. As Metro Weekly put it, “Can’t Stop The Music is one glorious exercise in camp. The Village People — the Indian, the Cowboy, the Policeman, the Leatherman, the Construction Worker and the Sailor — all appear in the film, set in New York’s capital-g Gay Greenwich Village and featuring male nudity in locker room scenes at the YMCA. It also stars Bruce Jenner, back when he was attractive. It was actually the Olympic star’s one and only film role, long before the Kardashians gave him a second shot at fame. Jenner parades around in itty-bitty gym shorts for most of the movie.” Thursday, July 5, at 8 p.m. Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H St. NE. Tickets are free. Call 202-399-7993 or visit

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