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Gay YouTube curiosity, Chris Crocker, focus of HBO documentary

“Leave Britney alone!” Those three words catapulted the ranting personality of Chris Crocker out of YouTube obscurity and into the homes of news and comedy show watchers around the world. In the 5 years since he posted that viral defense of Britney Spears, Cocker has self-produced hundreds of videos which have been viewed over 255 million times. Crocker has also shorn his androgynous locks and mostly presents himself as a gay male now. A video from last September featured a lifetime of his personal photos and was titled, “From Boy to Girl to Woman to MAN.”

HBO is set to air a documentary about Crocker’s fame tonight, Monday, June 25, at 9pm. The program, “Me @ the Zoo,” will focus on the public’s extremely negative reaction to his video and sexuality, as well as his family relations and the youthful experinces that led to his unique videos:

”Growing up gay in small-town Tennessee, Crocker was the target of bullies. Fearing for his safety, his grandmother pulled out him out of public school and taught him at home. Fixated on being liked, but cut off from the outside world, Crocker finally found his own way to connect: at home alone with a computer.”

The site notes that Crocker receives a monthly check from Google for his efforts and has also completed a number of songs including the single “Freak of Nature.”

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