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15 Fall TV Shows to Watch in 2012

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Sunday, Sept. 30, Showtime

HOMELAND GOT EVERYTHING right when it premiered last fall. Anchored by two stunning performances from Claire Danes and Damien Lewis, the drama followed a CIA officer (Danes) who believed a former U.S. Marine (Lewis) held captive by al-Qaida had been turned into a sleeper agent against the United States. Danes, in particular, delivered an incredible portrayal of bipolar Carrie Mathison, who struggles to prove her suspicions that Brody (Lewis) is in fact a sleeper agent.

The first season concluded with Brody running for a seat in Congress, and Mathison receiving shock treatment for her bipolar disorder. The second season picks up six months later and follows Mathison’s recovery from the treatment as she tries to repair her memory and get her life back. Brody, meanwhile, is still running for political office and is finding the campaign trail a tough, paranoid place to be. With the revelations of last season, we can’t wait to see how Homeland’s second season plays out, and hope it avoids the pitfalls of a sophomore slump.

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