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15 Fall TV Shows to Watch in 2012

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Wednesday, Oct. 10, The CW

HAVE YOU EVER watched one of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films and thought “I wish this were a weekly TV series instead?” Enter The CW’s Arrow – based on DC Comics’ Green Arrow – which seems to have eschewed any pretense of supernatural abilities in favor of the Dark Knight’s approach to backstory.

The central character, Oliver Queen, is a rich playboy billionaire who, after a violent shipwreck, is presumed dead. After being found alive he returns home seeking to right his past wrongs and fix the ailing Starling City, by creating the alter ego Green Arrow.

The CW is clearly looking to replace its decade-long Smallville, but if they can pull off the same dark magic that made the Dark Knight films so good, they could be on to a winner. It doesn’t hurt that Queen is played by the very handsome Stephen Amell (Queer as Folk). Arrow could pander to the CW’s young demographic and offer a superficial glimpse into the world of the Green Arrow, but it is definitely one to watch if it can manage a deeper exploration of its central character’s motives across its full season – something no two-and-a-half-hour movie can compete with.

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