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15 Fall TV Shows to Watch in 2012

Fall Arts Preview 2012

Saturday Night Live

Saturday, Sept. 15, NBC

SNL ENTERS ITS 38th season with two important factors making it must-see television. First is the departure of several cast members, chief of whom is Kristen Wiig. The writer and star of Bridesmaids decided to leave the show – and in her wake also left an incredible talent hole that will be difficult to fill. Effortless in her myriad characters and impersonations, Wiig’s departure will make for interesting viewing as the show evolves to cope with her absence.

The real reason to tune in, though, is obvious: election season. SNL is at its best when it covers the campaigns – 2008 gave us the infamous Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, a portrayal so accurate and so amusing, it created a public image of Palin that no press release or interview could undo. Head writer Seth Meyers and his team used SNL to provide glaring commentary on the campaign trail each week, and it made for hilarious, insightful viewing. If they can maintain such standards for Romney v. Obama, we’re in for a treat.

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